September 2009 OS’s and Browsers Wars
Hi all,
as usual this month, the absolute masters of this site are Firefox 3.0 for the browsers and Windows XP for the Operating Systems.
About the Operating Systems:“Linux i686” and “Mac OS X” have gained few points lost by Windows XP.
About the Browsers: Firefox 3.5 has the best performance, gaining a lot of points on Firefox 3.0, the transition is going to finish.

Browser name Percentage   Operating System Percentage
Firefox 3.0 36,79%   Windows XP 37,97%
Firefox 3.5 23,58%   Linux i686 30,42%
Internet Explorer 6.0 14,62%   Mac OS X 9,67%
Internet Explorer 7.0 5,42%   Linux x86 8,49%
Opera 6,18%   Windows Vista 6,37%
Safari 3,78%   Windows 2000 1,65%
Others 9,63%   Others 5,43%

In September the site has had a little decrease (sigh!)


We are working hard to change this trend,

Have a good week,