Hi all,
as usual this month, the absolute masters of this site are Firefox 3.0 for the browsers and Windows XP for the Operating Systems.
About the Operating Systems:“Linux i686”, “Mac OS X” and "Windows Vista" have gained the few points lost by Windows XP.
About the Browsers: Firefox 3.5 has the best performance, gaining a lot of points on Firefox 3.0, the transition is going to finish.


Browser name Percentage   Operating System Percentage
Firefox 3.0 31,88%   Windows XP 32,33%
Firefox 3.5 25,26%   Linux i686 31,73%
Internet Explorer 6.0 9,02%   Mac OS X 10,23%
Internet Explorer 7.0 7,07%   Linux x86 5,11%
Opera 6,32%   Windows Vista 10,83%
Safari 3,91%   Windows 2000 2,86%
Others 16,54%   Others 6,91%





The growth rate for www.xappsoftware.com this month is very good, twitter is a very useful tool for webmins.