Using the Samsung CLP-315 with Ubuntu Karmic

This color laser printer is automatically detected but it doesn't work.

Ubuntu 9.10 detects this printer as a Samsung-CLP-310-Series printer, this is the problem.

And here is the solution:

Go to System->Administration->Printing

a printer configuration window will appear, 


double click on the Samsung-CLP-310-Series icon, a printer properties window will appear:



click on the Change Button for Make and Model, from the list select Samsung and click on the forward button then from the Models list select the CLP-315 and then click on the Forward Button.

Select "Use the new PPD" and then click on the "Apply" button

Select Printer Options and configure the printer then click on the apply button.

This method does not use the Samsung CD so you can apply this procedure also on your netbook, I didn't try this procedure on my AspireOne but it should work fine.


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4 thoughts on “Using the Samsung CLP-315 with Ubuntu Karmic

  1. wow.  this was too easy. 
    i'm much happier not having to go through a virtual machine to print now.

  2. If you are using KDE, you should go to "Kickoff Application Launcher"->"System Settings" then, in Computer Administration" you should select "Printer Configuration" and go on…..

    This should work.

    I haven't tested this procedure, so if you use KDE and this procedure works please leave a comment on this post.

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