In the month of February Google Chrome increased a lot its market share, in January the market share of Chrome was 9,67% this month its market share (Chrome 4.0 + Chrome 5.0) is 18,18%.

Firefox 3.5, Explorer 6 and Explorer 7 decreased their market share a lot.

Google Chrome is more and more stable, and it also boosts pages visualization. Unitl Explorer and Firefox will be slower tahn Chrome they will lose market share.


Browser Percentage Operating System Percentage
Firefox3.5 30,45 Windows XP 36,08
Explorer 6 9,38 Linux i686 28,43
Firefox3 13,28 Vista 8,8
Explorer 7 3,75 Linux x86 7,22
Chrome 18,18 MacOS X 4,04
Safari 2,89 Win Storage 7,22
Opera 2,31 Win 2000 2,74
Others 19,77 Others 5,48






Last month statistics have been updated,

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