The RTI Shapes Demo is a very powerful application that allows you exploring the functionalities of the DDS system.

The content filtered topics allows the subscriber receiving only data that match with the filter that has been set.

Also the DDS system doesn't generate traffic for those samples that doesn't match the filter.

In the following video I'm going to show to you this powerful functionality.


First we publish a yellow triangle, then on the second window we subscribe a triangle with the history parameter sets to 1. On the third window we subscribe a triangle with the history parameter sets to 1 and then we check the "content filter Topic" "Use filter" checkbox.


On the first window we can see the yellow triangle in all the positions it assumes in the first window while in the third window we can see the triangle only when it passes into the rectangle that wasn't filterd out.

We can change the filter a runtime without problems. 

We can enlarge the rect filter to see more data from the publisher.


Or we can reduce the rect filter to see less data from the publisher.


If it is possible RTI DDS will not send data outside the rect filter to the subscriber.

To view more videos goto the xappsoftware channel on you tube