How to convert a .img disk image or a .bin disk image to a .vdi disk image.

Virtual Box is a fantastic tool to try a new operating system without install it on your PC. Often operating systems are distributed as .iso image and VB uses these images without problems, but sometimes you can find distributions published as .bin or .img. These two kinf of file are very useful to install the operating system onto a pen drive, but VB doesn't recognize these kinds of file.

Virtual Box provides the capability to change these formats to the .vdi format.

Under linux with Virtual Box OSE installed just types the following command:

# VBoxManage convertdd file.img filevdi

then you can use the output file as a normal VB harddisk

Under Windows you shell execute a similar command, but first you shell move to the directory in which VB has been installed:

# cd C:\Program Files\innotek VirtualBox

# VBoxManage convertdd file.img file.vdi



that's all