Over 40 New Features!

RTI Data Distribution Service 4.5 has been released. This release offers more than 40 new capabilities, including:

  • Accelerated systems of systems integration 
  • Fast data lookup and access 
  • Secure network communication 
  • Enhanced support for multicore processors 
  • Additional platform support 

A major highlight of the release is the new Adaptor Software Development Kit (SDK) option that eliminates the need for custom bridges between different protocols and independently developed applications. It is now easier to integrate the over 400 unique high-performance and mission-critical applications based on RTI's DDS platform with each other and with applications that use non-DDS middleware, including legacy systems.  In essence, RTI brings the integration benefits of an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) to real-time systems.


Downloadable Evaluation Now Includes Even More

RTI offers a 30-day fully-functional evaluation of RTI Data Distribution Service. With the release of version 4.5, the evaluation download now includes all of the functionality included in RTI Professional Edition. In addition to DDS, the evaluation provides:

  • Tools such as Wireshark, Analyzer, and RTI Recorder 
  • RTI Persistence Service 
  • RTI Routing Service 
  • RTI Spreadsheet Add-in for Microsoft Excel 
  • Interfaces: DDS, JMS, RTPS and others 

… And much more.  Your 30-day trial can be downloaded now!