Hands on Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat with my Aspire One a110

Today I've installed, on my Acer Aspire a110 (8GB)  the last release of Ubuntu for netbook: Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat

The installation process has taken:

  • 60 minutes to download Ubuntu from ubuntu.com
  • 10 minutes to create a bootable pen drive
  • 45 minutes to install ubuntu on the Aspire One

The startup time is about the same in Ubuntu 10.04

The first thing that I've seen is the new GUI: Unity.

This new GUI is very interesting because it gives you a lot of space for your applications. It uses the same schema of Macintosh, it shares the same menu bar for all the opened applications, and also it adds a dock on the left side of the screen. This layout is very useful but I think that this GUI is too young and it has to be enhanced.  

I tried to print some document on the Xerox Document Centre 420 (on the LAN) and I can say that it works fine with driver for Xerox Document Centre 400 printer.

Both Ethernet and Wifi connections work well.

The Evolution mail client now is super fast, and for me this enhancement is enough to switch to this new ubuntu release.


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4 thoughts on “Hands on Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat with my Aspire One a110

  1. what settings for the hdd  have you used??I have used the 8 GB ssd disk..when i restart after end of installation i see only a black screen with an underscore..after the install i have set the bios with the ssd disk as first device..the same error for two times..can you help me? 🙁  (sorry for bad english)

  2. Tomorrow I'll publish some screenshots with my Aspire BIOS configuration.

    Anyway make sure to remove any usb pendrive before rebooting your Aspire.


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