I tried shotwell foto manager with this new version of ubuntu and I can say it works fine for me. It is fast, and it organizes my photo like iPhoto in Mac OS X. Also shotwell give the few standard functions that are useful for non professional users:

 – Rotation

 – Flip Horizontally/Vertically

 – Red-eye

 – Color Adjustments

 – Cropping

 – Auto-Enhance


I have also tried the Ubuntu Desktop Edition GUI on my 19 inches nikkey monitor and its perfect, so I'll use the Unity GUI on the netbook LCD and the Desktop GUI when I can work with an external monitor.

Both the GUIs do the work.

I tried to connect to the internet using my Samsung U700, and I haven't had any problems. Refer to this page to see how it works.

Last but not least I tried to use my personal laser printer: Canon LBP 2900.

Canon has released the release 2.00  of its drivers so I tried to use this driver but without success.

There was a problem on a dependecy: cupsys.

So as last chance I'll try version 1.60 of the driver next WeekEnd



The following pictures show the configuration of the BIOS for Matteo's question