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  1. Krister
    Krister at |

    i would not recommend GPL or even LGPL for embedded use without explaining the consequences of using the software.

    Using GPL or statically linked LGPL requires that all source code is made open source and available to the end user. Using dynamically linked LGPL you must supply the LGPL code upon request.

  2. gg1
    gg1 at |

    Hi Krister,

    I think this is a very clean implementation of printf.

    The GPL or the LGPL are only licenses, and they don’t meet the argument of this post.



    Anyway, if you want, you can write your opinions regarding licenses (GPL, LGPL, BSD, ….., commercial) and I’will be happy to post them.

  3. Mike
    Mike at |

    You might like to take a look at the printf in Tollos, at — this covers more of the printf formats and isn't much bigger than the above.  (It's the function strf in tollosUtil.c.)    It also uses a less restrictive licence.

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