The GNU Ada compiler

This project provides binary packages for the Ada front end of GNU compiler collection. The project also provides various Ada libraries like the Ada Web Server and Ada aware Integrated Development Environments (gps and vim).


GNat Ada 95 Database Environment (GNADE)

The intention of the GNat Ada Database Environment (GNADE) Project is to provide tools and libraries for the GNU Ada tool chain (GNAT) which do allow easy integration of SQL into Ada 95.



The AVR-Ada project provides the gcc based Ada compiler GNAT for the AVR 8-bit microcontrollers. This includes: – the Ada compiler – the Ada run time system and the AVR support library – documentation and some sample programs.


GNAVI: GNU Ada Visual Interface

GNAVI: The GNU Ada Visual Interface, GWindows – GUI Framework, GNATCOM – ActiveX/COM and the GNAVI IDE for RAD Development. The Open Source Answer to Delphi and VB.


ECLAT (Ada 2005 Compiler)

Experimental Compiler Library And Tools. Complete Ada 2005 compiler, written in Ada 2005 using literate programming techniques. Initially to target Bachar IA-32 v1 kernel for AdaOS (project 'bachar').


GNAT For Macintosh


The GNU Ada Translator (GNAT) component of the GNU GCC has been ported to MacOS X from several sources notably:

    FSF gcc Source Tree

    Apples gcc Source Tree

    ACT’s Mac Port.

You can select the port that best suits your needs.  The Apple gcc port is available for OS X 10.1 – 10.3, but not for 10.4.  The 10.4 Compiler is based upon the FSF sources.  ACT’s Macintosh port is available as well for 10.4. Please note that it has severe license restrictions on use for projects which are not open source.  It is also not currently available for the new Intel based Macintoshes. See the Downloads page for more information.

Alan and Andrew Reynolds share primary responsibility for the MacAda compiler port.



Stephen Bespalko has enhanced the MacOS X gdb with Ada Language support as well as integrating it to work as part of Apples IDE XCode visual debugger. The ACT port has available GPS for use as a standalone iDE and Visual Debugger.  See the Downloads page for more information.


There are on various tools that do not fall into the categories above available here as well.  These include integration with existing tools like XCode and Interface Builder, as well as custom tools developed for MacOS X in Ada such as Jim Hoppers Lookup, and Reformat GUI. Jim Hopper has primary responsibility for this area of the project. See the Downloads page for more information.


GNAT Programming Studio

GNAT Programming Studio is a powerful and simple-to-use IDE that streamlines your software development process from the initial coding stage through testing, debugging, system integration, and maintenance. Built entirely in Ada, GPS is designed to allow programmers to get the most out of GNAT Pro technology.




ObjectAda Ada Development Solutions

As a long-recognized leader in supplying tools for applications that demand high reliability, Aonix provides a complete line of Ada compilers and runtime environments to satisfy your unique requirements.

ObjectAda is available for the most popular development platform and target processors, and target operating systems, and features a fast, open library model that is fully compatible with other languages, high-speed intelligent compilation, hyperlinked semantic browsers, syntax-directed editors, and instant access to standard APIs.

The ObjectAda family addresses your Native development, Embedded and Real-Time development, or Safety-Critical critical development requirements.