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  1. S_i_g_n_e_D
    S_i_g_n_e_D at |

    The link with is not working. I was kind of hoping to revise the code.

  2. admin
    admin at |

    @S_i_g_n_e_D Thank you for reporting the non working link.

    Now it should work fine.

  3. S_i_g_n_e_D
    S_i_g_n_e_D at |

    Quite a fast response 😉 Thank you. By the way I'll implement Emery Berger's dthreads … just for the sport 😉 It's interesting for me to measure the performance of both implementations because of a future project decision.

  4. admin
    admin at |

    Emery Berger’s dthreads? Interesting! Please let me know if you will post your results. Good Luck!

  5. at |

    That was enjoyable to read, thanks for posting it.

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