RTI DDS Roadshow 2011

Don't miss the bus.

RTI Data Bus. Changing the way you integrate.

  • Developing mission critical, distributed systems?
  • Struggling with integration complexity?
  • Facing scalability limitations – capacity, performance and flexibility?
  • Needing an edge-to-enterprise connectivity solution?
  • Looking for the next generation distributed system architecture?

If you are developing or integrating distributed applications where system failure is not an option, don't miss the DDS Road Show 2011. You will learn a new way to integrate systems – one that saves you money and time while reducing your risk.

You'll discover how Data Distribution Service (DDS) middleware:

  • Greatly reduces your software lifecycle costs
  • Dramatically increases the scalability and performance of your systems
  • Slashes your hardware costs

This FREE seminar is aimed at technical decision makers – program managers, system architects and software developers.

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