Remedy IT has developed a CORBA language mapping for the Ruby programming language.


Major update R2CORBA available

We are pleased to announce the release of version 1.0 of the Ruby CORBA Language mapping reference implementation: R2CORBA. This software is provided as Opensource under the following license.

R2CORBA provides a fully OMG Ruby CORBA Language Mapping compliant CORBA implementation.

The current release provides:

  • New: support for JRuby;

  • New: support for the new value type and abstract interface mappings;

  • New: support for Mac OSX;

  • New: MRI Ruby support upgraded to 1.8.7 (incl. Windows MinGW32 build);

  • 100% native Ruby IDL compiler;

  • support for direct IDL inclusion in Ruby code;

  • support for Ruby CORBA clients;

  • support for Ruby CORBA servants;

  • support for Dynamic Skeleton Interface (DSI);

  • support for Dynamic Invocation Interface (DII);

  • support for IDL enum, struct, sequence and union datatypes;

  • and more…

The distribution contains several regression tests which also serve as example code. Currently tested platforms include Windows (MinGW32), Linux (GCC) and Mac OSX (GCC).

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