Piccoletta is a PIC developer board in a dongle key format.

It has been completely designed and assembled in Italy by our team:

  • Il Gatto
  • La Volpe
  • Lucignolo


  • Power supply can be selected, useing a jumper) between the USB port or an external board. 
  • Power distribution from the USB port (5V) to the external board (150 ma MAX)
  • The oscillator can be excluded using a solder pad.
  • On board led can be used as power supply led or as test ping. The configuration has to be done using a solder pad.
  • Jumper to select the  boot-loader functionality.
  • The following PIC's can be used (28 PIN, MIL 300)
  1. PIC18F2450
  2. PIC18F2455
  3. PIC18F2458
  4. PIC18F2550
  5. PIC18F2553
  • Piccoletta can be boxed into a USB dongle palstic box.
  • The ICSP programming connector is present, it is compatible with pic-kit2 and 3/3. A solder pad is present on the connector to exclude PIN-6.
  • The fisical dimensions are as follows:
    • Length : 61,3 mm
    • Width   : 18,2 mm
    • Height  :  10,4 mm


  • Piccoletta can be programmed trough the USB.




If you want to give us support or if you want the assembled and tested board, you can go to ebay at the following adress:


See you soon for the next article (Description) about Piccoletta.