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Understanding Power Management of Intel Processors
for Mil/Aero Applications

With the advent of the Intel® Core™ i7 processors , the 2nd Generation of which feature 32nm silicon geometry and up to four cores, it is now possible for board designers to fit new levels of functionality and performance into traditional 3U and 6U form factor boards.   And while the efficiency of these new processors (performance/Watt) is improved over previous generations, the amount of power that can be consumed, along with the associated heat,  has also risen. Add to that  the additional thermal challenge posed by extracting this heat from increasingly small silicon surface area.

This paper discusses the behavior of the Intel Core i7 processor at elevated temperatures, as implemented on the multi-processor Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing CHAMP-AV series products,  and how to take advantage of board features to maximize the performance potential of the system.

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