SUNNYVALE, Calif.—June 7, 2011—Real-Time Innovations (RTI), The Global Leader in DDS, today announced the integration of RTI Data Distribution Service messaging software with Oracle® Complex Event Processing (CEP). The resulting combination means that Oracle's powerful event-processing system can process data flowing from high-performance Data Distribution Service (DDS) applications.

RTI Data Distribution Service interoperates with Oracle CEP for monitoring and managing events in real-time.

The integration of Oracle Complex Event Processing and RTI Data Distribution Service brings data from mission-critical applications using RTI's superior real-time messaging capabilities into Oracle's powerful event-processing engine and display. Oracle Complex Event Processing, a Java–based solution for the development and deployment of high-performance event-driven applications, detects patterns in the flow of events and message payloads, often based on filtering, correlation and aggregation across event sources. RTI Data Distribution Service provides a publish-subscribe messaging system capable of processing millions of messages and data updates per second with latencies of less than a millisecond. The combination of the two products brings event processing into the fold of data exchanged in real time through RTI messaging software and a rich interface for interpreting and reacting to events in the system.




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