Sometimes you could have the need of PCB to build a prototype. You can ask a manifacturer, but if your PCB is simple this solution could cost too much and, also, it can take too much time. I used with success the following methods:

The following video shows how to use your laser printer and an iron to impress your tracks on the board. I used this method only for very simple circuits.



For more complex circuits I use the following technique. This technique is more complex but you can reach optimal results also for qfn chips.



Last but not least, I found an article about making flexible PCB. It seems simple….

Produce your own single-sided flexible printed circuits using a solid ink printer, copper-coated polyimide film, and common circuit board etching chemicals. You will find flex PCBs inside most cellphones or similar miniaturized gadgets. Flex PCBs are useful for making tiny cables and extremely lightweight circuits. However, few shops yet make custom flex PCBs for reasonable prices in small volumes

DIY Flexible Printed Circuits – [Link]

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