Using http tunneling to connect to your MySQL online DB

There are a lot of MySQL managers which give you the ability to manage your MySQL online databases.

You can find a long list of them using google. Each one provides a lot of functionalities, and different approach, so you have to give a try to each one and then you can choose the best manager for you.

I've choosen different managers, and I use them depending from the platform I'm using, or the results I have to obtain. Sometimes a manager give me the ability to reach the goal in a very fast way respect to the others.

My preferred managers are the following:


MySQL Query BrowserWindows
Mac OS X
http://dev.mysql.comGPL License
MySQL AdministratorWindows
Mac OS X
http://dev.mysql.comGPL License
Ems MySQL ManagerWindows
Sequel ProMac OS X v2 License
Mac OS X
Linux v2 License

Sometimes you could have the need to access your MySQL databases using http or ssh tunneling, this because for security reasons you provider doesn't give you the direct access to MySQL resources. So you have to connect your manager to your DB through an intermediate .php file.

In this case I use EMS MySQL Manager, it is easy to configure and provides a ready to use php script.

After you have installed EMS MySQL Manager copy the emsproxy.php file into your web server directory.

Open EMS MySQL Manager

Select Database->Register Database

Fill the Register Database wizard as follows:

Now click on the finish button, and wait for loading operations.

That's all!

You can now access your database through EMS MySQL Manager.



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