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  1. HappyMan
    HappyMan at |

    Thank you for the article 😀

  2. Saakar
    Saakar at |

    How do i call to number with * and # included???
    what i did is not working or supported according to RFC3966 documentation.
    i did like this but didn't worked..
    NSURL *check = [[NSURL alloc] initWithString: @"tel:*500879#"]; //specifying the no. to call. 
    [[UIApplication sharedApplication] openURL: check] /// for calling the specified no. in check variable.
    How can i do this?? any help please. I Wud be very thankful..Please.

  3. admin
    admin at |

    Hi Saakar,
    take a look at:
    To prevent users from maliciously redirecting phone calls or changing the behavior of a phone or account, the Phone application supports most, but not all, of the special characters in the tel scheme. Specifically, if a URL contains the * or # characters, the Phone application does not attempt to dial the corresponding phone number.

    The apple URL scheme conforms only to RFC2806 and RFC2396, and not to RFC3966.

    Anyway if someone has different info, I’ll be pleased to publish them.

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