Mac OS X is a fantastic Operating System, you can do all with a single button mouse. But for a lot of jobs you can use the keyboard to boost up your work.


It is generally aknowledged by computer pro’s that you can increase your productivity and accomplish more tasks by using the keyboard instead of mouse.

In other words, it’s easier and gets your job done faster.

Take for example the task of selecting all the text in a document. You can do that by simply pressing Ctrl+A while doing that with the mouse requires pressing the left mouse button and dragging it across the whole document.



These are my favourites shortcuts when I'm using Mac OS X snowleopard.


  1. Option + Command + W  Closes all windows
  2. Command + D –  duplicates the currently selected item
  3. Command + Shift + Delete – Empty Trash
  4. Command + I – Opens the info window for the currently selected item
  5. Command + Shift + A – Opens the applications directory
  6. Command + Shift + D – Opens the Desktop directory
  7. Command + Shift + Q – Log out the current user
  8. Command + Delete – Moves the currently selected item to trash
  9. Command + Y – Opens the quick look window
  10. Command + Option + D – Shows or hides the dock
  11. Command + R – Show the original of he currently selected alias
  12. Command + L – Makes an alias