Yesterday I updated the Xcode to the new 4.5.2 release, because, as described in the release notes, the new update solves a lot of annoying problems:

Resolved Issues


Fixed Xcode app and LLDB debugger crashes reported on Xcode 4.5. 12482521, 12482518, 12481393, 12481829, 12481363, 12481302, 12481396, 12482364, 12514294, 12364375, 12481322, 12481370, 12481398, 12481373, 12489094, 12483605, 12481863, 12482083, 12482540, 12481426, 12482542, 12481390, 12482362, 12481885

Editing User Interfaces

Improved stability when editing storyboards and using Auto Layout. 12482514, 12482536, 12482526, 12482548


Fixed an LLDB memory leak. 12483722

Improved behavior when quitting iOS Simulator directly. 12481405

Distributing Apps

Fixed occasional Xcode hang when submitting an app to the iOS App Store. 12482847

After about an hour of download and installation I was ready to come back to my work

But I had an unpleasant surprise

The Xcode said me that it wasn't able to connect to process ID 0

I tried switching from lldb to gdb

then I tried to disable gdb

last I found the solution, in the iPhone simulator application I reset the configuration.

I had to do this for each version of the firmware.