Installing new hardware on Linux systems has always been very difficult. But with Ubuntu the things are changed a lot.


So I tried to install my brand new usb 3g modem on my linux machine.

The usb modem is the Vodafone K4510 one. It worked like a charm ( O_o) on my Mac mini running Mountain Lion. (take a look at the related post, there are some troubleshooting) 

My Linux System is quite old, I have a laptop with Ubuntu 11.10 installed on.

I've plugged in the K4510 and…..

The peripheral has been recognized in a while and the system has shown an alert asking for the PIN code.

I've inserted the PIN code and clicked on the unlock button

Then from the wifi gadget I've selected the "new mobile broadband connection" item.


In the next screen I've selected the "Continue" button.


then I've selected the country, the provider, and the telephone plan. Last I've applied the wizard configuration and the internet was up.

Simple, and better than the complex installation I had to do on Mac OS X.