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  1. Patrick
    Patrick at |

    The first step were followed, but got lost in the last..stage. pls a little explanation on these steps.

    $ cd $BSQUASK_DIR/images


    $ tar -zxvf boot.tar.gz -C /media/BOOT

    $ sudo tar -zxvf rootfs.tar.gz -C /media/rootfs

  2. admin
    admin at |


    waht is going wrong? have you any errors from the command line?



  3. makouda
    makouda at |

    I followed instructions and compliled fine, now I want to access RPI via ssh (no other choises). how can I set static ip? it's not like Raspbian, I didnt's found the file /etc/network/interface. 

    where can I find the file configuration

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