Finally it is arrived at home. I bought this shield to build a new domotic project, I have to control some devices far far away.

As usual, for me, I took some photos and I wrote some notes.

The Packaging
As usual for the Arduino Hardware, the GSM shield is shipped in a fine pasteboard with all the brand logos. No polystyrene, no waste…..


The board is clean, I expected it to be smaller, the GSM Shield overcomes the Arduino UNO board of about 2 cm. But I took the GSM Shield with integrated antenna, maybe the one without integrated antenna is smaller.


From the mechanical point of view the pin header is too long when you fit the GSM Shield into the Arduino board, it leaves about 5mm of bare pin. For prototyping it could be useful since you can easily connect your own oscilloscope, for production it could be a trouble…..
Anyway here you are the photo after the GSM Shield has been mounted on the top of my Arduino UNO board.
If my system will be produced I'll have to cut pins manually o_O



The contents

The package contains:

  • the shield
  • Some stickers
  • two booklets



The software
As usual the software samples provided with the Arduino IDE work fine, I just tried SMS receiving and sending and I had no problems.

The connection
The Arduino GSM shields takes about 30 seconds to connect to my phone provider line, and the connection is stable.

I had some troubles at the beginning, I have lost a lot of time because I was not able to connect, but the fault was all mine since I was using a SIM from an operator running only UMTS, remember Arduino GSM Shield only works on GSM/GPRS!!!!