Often, embedded systems works without a battery, this can generate some problems at boot time, blocking the bootstrap process:



the e2fsck tool can be used to avoid this problem:

The e2fsck(8) program has some hueristics that assume that the system clock is correct. In addition, many system programs make similar assumptions. For example, the UUID library  depends on time not going backwards in order for it to be able to make its guarantees about issuing universally unique ID's. Systems with broken system clocks, are well, broken. However, broken system clocks, particularly in embedded systems, do exist. If true, e2fsck will not abort a preen check if it detects a last mounted or last write time in the superblock in the future. This setting defaults to false.

to make use of this functionality just use your favourite editor to edit the /etc/e2fsck.conf file. It shall look like the following:


    broken_system_clock = true