VIM is fantastic!

It can do a lot of thing…..

And the things, it cannot do, can be added using scripts.

In this case the script, named DoxygenToolkit.vim, adds the capability to add doxygen comment typing a simple command.

Wikipedia: "Doxygen is a documentation generator, a tool for writing software reference documentation. The documentation is written within code, and is thus relatively easy to keep up to date. Doxygen can cross reference documentation and code, so that the reader of a document can easily refer to the actual code."



Let's start:


Now open a new c file for example issuing the following command

and type the following few lines of code:


Issue the ": Dox" (note: no spaces between : and Dox) command with the cursor on the function declaration, you should obtain something like the following lines:

The script is configurable, take a look at for more info