I use vim every day on every platform I work, Linux, Windows, Mac, FreeBSD and all flavours of Unices

Someone can think I am a masochist, because there are a lot of visual editors more convenient than vim, but at this point my familiarity with him is huge, and I feel at home when I use it!


In the last years I tried to write a configuration file for vim which I can use on every operating system, and here you are the result:

If you want to restore the last position of the cursor when you re-open a file, you can add the following code



It works fine on Linux, windows with cygwin and Mac Os X. But if you are using Mac OS X, the mouse integration (set mouse=a) doesn't work fine with the Terminal.app, you can do alt+click to set the mouse position in the row+column you want but the mouse wheel doesn't work. If you want "set mouse=a" fully working you have to download iTerm2.

To better understand this configuration file take a look at the related posts.

In this version I've added lines 21 and 22 to better indent my C code 😉