The minimal system for MyBlueSec is a system which is able to identify and manage ibeacon devices. When they will cross the fence, the system will send an SMS to some registered cell phones.
So the base system shall be able to manage bluetooth 4.0 communications and SMS's.
The base board is an Arduino 1 board, on the top of the Arduino board (piggyback) there will be a GSM Shield and on the top of the GSM Shield there will be a Bluetooth 4.0 antenna.
Since it is a security system, it should be decoupled by the mains electricity. So we have to add a backup battery.

Then, we need some ibeacons to controls some objects or people (children?)into our home.

Here you are the architectural scheme for the Minimal System (you can compare it with the complete one here:)




The following table shows the complete Bill Of Materials for the MyBlueSec minimal system, with some pictures and references for the devices we are going to use.


BOM – MyBlueSec Minimal System
Item Quantity Picture Price
Arduino 1 Board 1 arduno1 Starting at 10 €
GSM Shield 1 gsm_shield.image.229x182 Starting at 45 €
BT 4.0 Antenna 1 BLE mini Starting at 30 €
lithium ion battery 1 LIPO1400mAh Starting at 5 €
iBeacon 3 ibeacon
Starting at 10 €


I found the prices on the internet, they are not guaranted. The pictures are not related to prices…..

The total is 120€, it seems an high price, but it can do more work than we have described and it has almost everything to switch to a complete MyBlueSec system.

Keep in touch! soon we are going to publish source code and examples.