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MyBlueSec – Project Overview

MyBlueSec is an automation and security system for your home. It works with sensors connected using Bluetooth 4.0 technologies, this means that you can plug a CR2025 battery and then you can forget them (since the battery life is up to 2 years). 


MyBlueSec – Features:

  • It can monitor the doors or the access points of your home (using ultrasonic rangers or other anti-intrusion sensors)

  • It can monitor if someone tries to steal your goods.

  • It can start the heating and cooling system, when you ask for (for example when you send an SMS to MyBlueSec with the content “Heating On”, so your home will be warm when you'll arrive)

  • It can turnoff the lights when you leave your home.

  • It can monitor your children, if they cross the fences of your home.

  • It communicates with you, using the internet or trough SMS messages.

  • And much more….


MyBlueSec – Project Architecture

MyBlueSec has a centralized architecture.

The MyBlueSec base handles sensors and actuators, and communicates with the users using Short Messages Text or storing information on a remote web server.

The user can retrieve the current status of the system using an App running on Android or iOS devices, or browsing the web.

The user can send commands to MyBlueSec base, sending simple short SMSs or using the native smart-phones applcation.  

MyBlueSec Architecture

The architecture is easily expandable using a daughter base.


daughter board

Soon we will publish more post describing each device used and how they are interconnected, keep in touch!





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