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How to boot Ubuntu 14.04 in text mode – Tutorial

The Graphic User Interface is very useful but it consumes a lot of CPU power.
In many cases the GUI is useless so I disable it.
With Ubuntu 14.04 you can disable the startup of the GUI at boot time, simply changing the grub configuration.

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Bootloader for the PIC18F27J53


In the previous article I described the development board for the pic18f27j53 that I designed and built. In this article I describe how to modify the Microchip HID bootloader  for the board.

First of all what you need : 

  1. A board with the pic18f27j53 as mine. You can build one or…   I have some of this and if you want one please contact me or check my ebay
  2. MPLAB v 8.83             from Microchip
  3. Microchip Solutions v2011-12-05 from Microchip


Install the Microchip Solutions v2011-12-05 in a proper directory, I assume that it is installed in :

C:\Microchip Solutions v2011-12-05

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CDC – Basic Demo firmware from microchip for the PIC18F27J53

In this article I'll describe howto modify the CDC – Basic Demo firmware from microchip for the PIC18F47J53 to support the PIC18F27J53.

The changes are very simple, regard only the leds present into the PIM board.

First of all what you need : 

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gigino: a low cost prototyping board based on the Arduino project

Finally the first release of "gigino", our low cost Arduino prototyping board, is out.

Gigino is based on an ATMEGA328P-PU microcontroller produced by ATMEL.

Really it isn't a mounted board, it is a kit. 

So you can take the components and then you can mount them as you want.