Three ways to contact us


You can contact us using our blog.

In the blog you can find a lot of problems that have been already solved.

If you are lucky you can find a solution in there, if the solution isn’t good for you, you can leave a comment to a related post.

The Blog is a fast way to solve your problems because other users could answer to your questions.

There is also a “Contact Us” page in the Blog. Please leave a comment to this page if you want to publish your own articles.

If you want to communicate with us about business or about our devices/softwares/firmwares you should send an email to the following address (please remove all dots):

We’ll reply as soon as possible.

You can also try to use telepathy, but the answers to your questions aren't guaranteed.

However this way is cheaper than the others, so if you have time to spend you can give it a chance.