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Embedded Devices Software Design & Development

iPhone Developer

Mac OS X Developer

RTI FAE for Italy

Arduino Fan

Apple fan since 1983



Operating systems: D.O.S., Windows 3.X, Windows 9X,  MacOS 8.x, MacOS 9.x, MacOS X, AIX, Linux (also with Real time extensions) iOS 4/5 and LynxOS. Good knowledge of Qnx, VxWorks (Tornado2 and Workbench).

Developing  and  documentation  standards:  excellent knowledge  of  the  military  standard  for  documentation "MIL-STD-498". Learning the MISRA-C.

Programming languages: excellent knowledge of Basic, Fortran, Pascal, C/C++, ADA, Java (SWING/APPLET), ObjectiveC, SQL, PHP3/4, e HTML. Elementary knowledge of the assembler (Motorola 680x0 and PPC).

Scripting languages: Javascript, Ruby, Perl and shell scripting.

Developer tools: CodeWarrior2 Pro (Macintosh and Windows), Green Hills ADAMULTI, MS Access, MS Visual C, WindRiver Tornado2 and  Tornado AE, Xcode 2/3/4 (on Mac OsX) and GNU tools. Good knowledge of Sun ONE   Studio   4   (Enterprise,   Community   e   Mobile   Edition),   NetBeans   and   Mercury   suite(WinRunner e TestDirector).

RDBMS: MS Access, PostgreSQL (linux and win9x), mSQL, MySQL, sqlite and Microsoft SQL Server.

Communication protocols: TCP/IP, Appletalk, ISO/OSI stack, Ethernet, IEEE 802.2, IEEE 802.11, IEEE 802.1q, MIL-STD-1553, SDH, SNMP and NTP.

Buses: VME (ALMA and TUNDRA bridge), 1553 MIL_STD, PCI, cPCI.