Latest versions of mosquitto (since 1.4) include the websockets interface, but the binary download available from the website does not. So you have to download the source code and build the packet your own, last you have to configure mosquitto to use websockets.

In the following few lines I’m going to show to you how to build and configure mosquitto with websockets on a clean debian wheezy distro.

Step 1 – Let’s start preparing the build system

Step 2 – Download and build libwebsockets
Latest version of libwebsockets prevents mosquitto to be built, so I’m going to use version 1.4 of libwebsockets:

Step 3 – Download and build mosquitto 1.4.2

Edit changing the line


Step 4 – Configure mosquitto to use websockets
Add the following lines to /etc/mosquitto/mosquitto.conf in the “Default Listener” section:

So your config file should look like the following:

Step 5 – Last steps

Step 6 – Run mosquitto

Now you are ready to run your websockets application against mosquitto.

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