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How to simulate mouse movement and clicks on Mac OS X

Sometimes, you could have the need to generate mouse movements or clicks from your application.

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Automatic resizing of a set of pictures using Ruby

In the previous post :"How to resize an image using Ruby" I made a program that can be used to resize a single image using the Ruby Language and RMagick. 

Now I want to extend this program to resize a variable set of pictures, and I also want to set the resizing rate at run time.

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A simple objective C method to validate email addresses

Emails are a must have, everyone has at least one email address. If you are planning to develop an application you should take care of emails.

An email address identifies an email box to which email messages are delivered. The emails and the Simple Mail Transport Protocol are described in the RFCs 2822, 5321, 5322 and 6531.