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  1. Peter
    Peter at |

    Thank you!
    I spend hours to find out why it didn't work, and finally the 3 seconds did the job!!!  (on linux)

  2. Dali
    Dali at |

    Where to get UNO bootloader? its work with Duemillanove bootloader?

  3. admin
    admin at |

    You can find optiboot here:
    I don’t know if it works with 2009 but it could work.
    Let me know if it works with 2009 if you try it

  4. moony
    moony at |

    Hi, I tried to upload the sketch "blink", LED 13 lights up about 3 times but then I get the error:
    "avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding" any idea?
    I tried both manual and automatic resetting..

  5. admin
    admin at |

    Are you sure the arduino bootloader has bene correctly burned into the atmega chip?

  6. moony
    moony at |

    @admin: may be the chip, it wasn't always readable correctly (not even the ID with low speed). Maybe my chips are all bad.

  7. moony
    moony at |

    I'm trying now with a chip, that came with the arduino bootloader. Still that error "programmer not responding".
    Should I be able to measure the clock, as the chip gets powered?
    Can I also use an 8MHz crystal?

  8. moony
    moony at |

    It has to be 16MHz, or the whole timing for communicating with uart is wrong right?

  9. admin
    admin at |

    Hi moony, if you use a different crystal you should reconfigure the UART.
    You have to choices
    1. You have to use a 16 Mhz crystal
    2. You have to burn a new bootloader working at 8MHz

  10. moony
    moony at |

    great it works!! With a 16MHz crystal and ceramic capacitors, instead of plastic capacitors (although same value if I read it right).

  11. Adokas
    Adokas at |

    Hi !

    I always get the error "avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00" the atmega chip never answers altought a friend was able to write sketches on it with the arduino as isp sketch. When I put leds on the Rx and Tx wires they never blink…What should I do ?

  12. admin
    admin at |

    Hi Adokas,

    are you sure the bootloader has been correctly burned onto the chip?

    What chip are you using?



  13. Shashank Patel
    Shashank Patel at |

    I spent days figuring out why I couldn't upload sketch. Thanks man. This worked in the first try.

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  15. DonSargento
    DonSargento at |

    Thank you very much!!!!! 😀
    Finally someone that explains correctly the manual method.

    Now it worked perfectly, after several tries and a couple of give ups.

  16. DonSargento
    DonSargento at |

    BTW: Those several tries and give ups happened before using your technique. Using your method worked in the first try.


    Thanks again.

  17. DonSargento
    DonSargento at |

    TIP that worked for me using the Manual Way:
    – On your Arduino IDE, go to Preferences
    – Check Show verbose output during: UPLOAD
    – Release the reset button as soon as you see something like:
        avrdude: Send: 0 [30]   [20] 

    Always works for me.

  18. uyarmam
    uyarmam at |

    Great article, just whɑt I needed.

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