Following this tutorial you can will also get a pseudo range extender.

With the brand new Ubuntu, it is really simple setting up a hotspot and share your internet connection using wifi.

For this tutorial I'm going to use the following material

  1. My acer 5630 laptop
  2. Ubuntu 13.10 (already installed)
  3. A TP-LINK  TL-WN727N wifi usb dongle
  4. and nothing more

My laptop is connected to the internet through the wifi, and I want to share the connection with all the devices in my home. The wifi hotspot I'm using don't cover all my house, so I thought to extend the range of the wifi hotspot using a USB wifi dongle.

There are only few steps:

  • Open a terminal
  • Open the settings app, and then select the network item, you should see something like the following picture

network settings 1

  • Plug the USB dongle into a usb port, the network setting should change as follows:


network settings 2

  • Switch to the terminal, and issue the following command (just to see some info about your wifi dongle)

  • Switch again to the network settings, and select the new wireless item in the left panel

network settings 3

  • Click the Use as Hotspot button, and then click the "Turn On" button.

network settings 4
That's all, now you have only to try to connect to the hostspot using the info in the panel…