MyBlueSec is an OpenSource project (at least for the components developed by xappsoftware). 

The logic of the system is implemented on the Arduino environment to reach the goals of low cost and low power consumption.

Communication between the Arduino MyBlueSec base board and the remote sensors and actuators is implemented through the Bluetooth 4.0 standards. (BLE and iBecon).

This means that you can use a simple CR2025 battery for each remote device and then you can forget it (the devices will run for up to 2 years)


But, what is capable of doing MyBlueSec?

Security for your home and your family (Security).

– Someone opens the door or windows when you are not at home?

MyBlueSec sends you a text message and a notification on your smartphone (you can record three mobile phone numbers).

 – A thief tries to steal a bicycle from the garage?

As soon as the bike comes out of your range (fencing), the system will report the event (SMS notification on your smartphone, siren inside the house)

– Your children are playing in the garden?

If they leave the garden, you will be immediately notified (fencing)


Automate your home (home automation)

When the last one go out of the house, it turns off all the lights. Do you want MyBlueSec is able to lock the door? with some changes may do it.

You have already left for the holidays and have left the blinds raised? SMS and lowered.

Do you want to simulate your presence in the house? mix the two previous features, turn on the stereo from time to time and you're done.

Do you want to find the house warm, when you return? Send an SMS or turn on the heating via your smartphone.

In the evening, when you return, you don't want to walk in the dark in your driveway? with a bluetooth sensor, the lights come on as soon as you approach.

In short, this is MyBlueSec, and much more.

Keep in touch, more info are coming.