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  1. tuxing
    tuxing at |

    Thanks a lot for the short tutorial.
    it worked a treat in snow leopard 64bit.

  2. tuxing
    tuxing at |

    just forgot to mention my mac model — its a core i7 hackintosh.
    thanks again

  3. admin
    admin at |

    Thank you very much for this clarification

  4. klonfuture
    klonfuture at |

    Nice guide! Worked like a charm

  5. ravi
    ravi at |

    i tried to to all this but failed
    …it did not add the driver.
    then i went and checked the folder and saw that the 2900 file is a document whereas the other models show as unix executable that the problem
    pls helllllllllp

  6. whitelion
    whitelion at |

    Sweet! Thanks a lot gg1. You're a God sent.
    – It works perfectly for my lbp2900 and 10.6.4

  7. admin
    admin at |

    No, I'm not a God. I only bought a printer that didn't work and now it works fine.

  8. tony p
    tony p at |

    Unfortunately the "latest driver" link in OP's post goes to a 2008 driver which was last updated in 2008. I downloaded it, but the disc image won't open on my computer (a MacBook Pro running 10.6.4). Instead I get an error message "not recognised".
    Any suggestions?

  9. admin
    admin at |

    I don't know what is the problem, I'll try to download the driver as soon as possible, to see if it works again.

    Please try to download it again. Maybe there was a data corruption.

  10. admin
    admin at |

    I've just downloaded the driver, and I 've opened it with PowerISO on Windows Vista without any problems.

    I can only reccomend to do a new download.

  11. tony p
    tony p at |

    In the end I managed it. The trick was that the latest Canon drivers are NOT located on that European site. They are instead on the Japanese Canon site:

    Scroll down to find the download link. It's all in Japanese which is a bit scary, but actually not too difficult.
    Thanks again to the OP for this.

  12. vmasheva
    vmasheva at |

    Thank you very much!!!

    It WORKED on Mac OS X 10.6.6, MacBook Pro.
    One note here, it just happened to me that I had the CANON_CAPT_V170_EN.dmg already installed prior finding your instructions and decided to download the, put the CAPT folder in the library, reboot and test… and I do print now!

  13. Priyanth
    Priyanth at |

    Thanks pal.

    It worked gr8 on my MacBook with Moc OS X 10.6.7

  14. Chris Hand
    Chris Hand at |

    Hi – the file isn't available now from – do you have a copy or an alternative download link please? & does this file have a number of supported capt printers please?


  15. admin
    admin at |

    @Chris Hand, take a look at the comment written by "tony p". The capt for Mac OS X is there…

  16. Herman Chauw
    Herman Chauw at |

    Hi, i can't download the file. I clicked the link but it says document not found. Where else can i download the file?

  17. Herman Chauw
    Herman Chauw at |

    I downloaded both files and rebooted my mac but still can't see Canon LBP2900 in the list of printers when i want to print. Could you tell me what i am missing?

  18. admin
    admin at |


    I'm sorry,

    I don't have Snow Leopard anymore, I can't help you.

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